Things Are Always Working Out for Me

This is my goal mindset, always. Because if I chill out and rest in this, things are always working out for me. Also, I’ve come to learn that even when the worst happens, it’s ok. It all turns out eventually.

So rather than sweat it, I just go with this from the outset. Well, I try anyway

This week has had some adulting elements. Nothing scary or crazy, just silly stuff. Gathering every piece of paperwork ever to prove that yes, I live in Charleston and please do let me pay you money to license my car here. And also grant me a drivers license in the great state of South Carolina.

She said, do we need to register you to vote?

“No we don’t,” I reply. “I did that long ago so I can call my representatives and have it on record.” Priorities.

My car has been acting funny, which is NEVER funny since I know not one iota of anything about the machine. I was NOT in the mindset that things were going to work out for me. I figured I was in for it.

Turns out it was a problem with a warranty part from some work I had done in September. I took the car in and it was fixed happily (truly) with no charge. Always working out. It is. For me. Even when I didn’t think so in the moment.

Reminder: Chill out, Robyn. Right from the beginning.

Try This

Next time you’re in the middle of something stressful try unclenching your hands, lowering your shoulders down your back and taking a deep breath. Then say to yourself, “things are always working out for me. They are. They just work out.”

And then what I do is think about how that feels and envision it in my head. For the licensing issue I pictured myself sailing up to the DMV desk, getting a helpful person (haha I know what you’re thinking), and emerging with everything I needed.

And that’s what happened! Kelly at the DMV helped me came up with a solution that helped satisfy the residency issue and I walked out with everything I needed.

The thing is, even if you’re dealing with something and some bumps come up, your new chill mindset will make everything more easy in general. Wins all around.