Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Three Things — Books + Words

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

Listening to podcasts are totally my jam and it turns out, being interviewed on one is as well! Last month I sat down and spoke with Hilary Johnson. She’s the Host of The Art of Doing podcast and the founder of The Hatch Tribe, an online entrepreneurial women’s group based in Charleston, SC.

3 Key Points We Cover:

  • Your life is defined by your perspective.
  • Opportunity will present itself when you focus on what you truly want.
  • Identify things most important to you and make them your life.

One of my favorite lines, “Don’t think about the ‘how’. Just walk towards it.”

Bonus: We discuss what to order at the Italian coffee bar!


Two. A Book Thing? —

I read veraciously. Growing up my Mom did as well, and I picked it up from her. My book shelf was stacked and the smell of the library is still one of my favorites. As a kid or now, a great Saturday morning would likely mean I’m curled up in a chair with a big, juicy book and a large cup of coffee (adult Robyn with the coffee).

Recently I’ve been considering how to allow my love for books overflow into other parts of my life in a bigger way. I’m thinking book club. But I don’t wanna call it a book club. Book Posse? Book Gang? I’ll work it out. Details are still not firm, but what about we choose a title, set a date to talk live about it, and all show up with a glass of something in hand in (maybe) our pajamas, ready to cuss and discuss said book?

This is my first test of the waters, send me a note if you’re interested in joining. This whole things makes me so jazzed. Like a ten.


Three. We’re all the same. —

I listened to a couple of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcasts today and it just felt good. The first one with Tim Storey this morning while drinking my coffee. And then I listened to her speak with RuPaul while I was putting away groceries and cooking later in the day.

Here’s what I came away with. Not that this is novel information. But I do love to hear it from the mouths of different people. Sometimes the twist of a phrase or a story strikes home and in this case both of them did.

We are all at our core, essentially the same. We all have fears, we all begin as kids, innocent and true.

We learned the lessons in kindergarten that we find ourselves returning to later in life. Be kind to yourself and others. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Life isn’t one big leap, it’s daily meaningful steps toward a goal. It’s habits that make up our days.