Three Things — My Champion

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I received my first literary agent rejection letter two nights ago. It was a proper letter, in the mail. He scribbled some words across the top of my query letter. There was no sting of pain accompanying the notice. Instead it felt like a love letter of sorts. Not in a romantic way. But in a I see you and your project and I know you will find your champion for it kind of way. I don’t care if he says the same thing about all projects he turns down. The point is, I’m confident in my story and my ability to weave a magical narrative in the hearts of readers and I KNOW my champion is out there.


Two. “Curate Away” —

I love when other well-informed, music loving people curate lists for me. It’s a highlight for me. I love music, listen to it often, but don’t feel compelled to pull together lists. Same with outfits in my closet. Someone, please, come and put things together for me so I can grab all the things, put them on and walk out the door. Can you also blow my hair out for me? Thanks.

Kelle Hampton is the Queen of Holiday-everything. In the most fun and lovable way. She curates a mean list. These are for the holidays. AND she did several including: One for kids, Old School Christmas, Christmas Jazz + Piano, etc etc. Call up your Spotify and play it through your Alexa (if you have one), she’s done the heavy lifting for you. Thanks, Kelle!


Three. Oops. —

I’m heading to Chicago for Thanksgiving this year, the first time I’ve been in a cold climate for about a year. If I whipped out my suitcase right now to pack I would put in my toiletries and that’s about it. Because I have no winter clothes. Le sigh. Because last January before moving from Italy to Charleston I did a huge purge of clothing that NEEDED to go. Trust me, they did. And now I am struggling to locate a long sleeve shirt in my closet. Truly.

Do other adults do things like this? Have no clothes for a whole season? Asking for a friend.