Three Things — Give Yourself 7 Minutes

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I felt so taken care of and ridiculously accomplished when I did two specific things on Monday.

I brushed and flossed my teeth. Not that I don’t do those two things several times per week. But it was the way I went about it. First, my Sonicare toothbrush needed a charge. I hadn’t used it in too long, instead relying on my good ole manual brush. So I plugged it in. Correction. First I had to find the GD cord. An accomplishment of epic proportions all its own. Then, I plugged it in. Like a boss. An hour later I used it. For the full 2 minutes. I didn’t rush around doing other things with it hanging out of my mouth. I stood in front of the mirror and brushed each quadrant for 30 seconds each. Bliss. So smooth and satisfying as I ran my tongue over the surface of my teeth.

Then I got super crazy and flossed. Really well. Not a couple of dashes with the floss, quickly in and out. I was like the dental hygienist of the year. Then with wings of self-care powering me, I worked my way down my to-do list for the day feeling ridiculously accomplished. All because I dedicated 7 lousy minutes to myself. Which includes the time it took me to find the toothbrush cord.

Take home message – Self-care isn’t just a silly buzz phrase overused on Instagram. Or a hot bath with a $75 candle. It’s giving yourself 7 minutes. To take care. So just do it, ok?


Two. “Document This.” —

I love documentaries. And so, here’s a list of inspirational documentaries found on Netflix. Save it and work your way through. I like to have them playing in the background when I’m cooking. Inspiration seeping into my brain while I’m stirring the pot. The one on the stove. Not in real life.


Three. Helen Rules. —

I heart Helen Mirren. Her philosophy on aging. Her outlook on life. Her grace and wit. All of it. Here she is speaking to the graduating class of Tulane, imparting her wisdom in the form of her top 5 tips to a successful life. Thanks, Helen.