Say yes sign

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

Three Things — More Than a Haircut

Three Things, my post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I went to a birthday party last night. A proper turning 30 party complete with LOTS of dancing and a bed time of 4 am. On a Tuesday. Fact: I worked my face off all day in spite of said 4 am bed time. Shout out to Jonathon, the freshest 30 year old in town, thanks for the partay with the best batch cocktails!


Two. Castle Time Next Week. —

Did I mention I’m spending a whole lot of time in a Castle in Northern Italy next week? Oh, I didn’t? Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like. 


Three. It’s not just a haircut. 

I have a friend that got her hair cut a couple of days ago. A fair amount came off. As the scissors flashed and the hair slid off the plastic cape onto the floor, she was much less focused on how it looked (it’s fab), but more focused on how it felt. Snip. “Yes!” she half whispered, sitting up a bit straighter as the scissors came back again. SNIP. “Hell Yes!” she said as her she raised her chin and met eyes in the mirror with herself.

Since parting ways with her husband a couple of years ago, she’s gone through several iterations of herself. Several internally, geographically, and now this seemingly small thing that wasn’t small at all. It was a shedding of one of the versions of herself she didn’t know any longer. I know this feeling. I think we all have at one time or another.

The quickening in our breath, the burgeoning new perspective. Not because our bangs are freshly shorn. But because of the new layer of ourselves freshly exposed and ready to Rock! YESSSSS!