Three Things — Hurricane Perks For The Win

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I have a legitimate observation: did you all see the video of Hurricane Irma sucking up the water from the ocean? Just vacuumed it up like a powerful hoover. You saw it, right? So if it takes the water up, then don’t we also think there’s organisms up there, swirling around? Then it makes me think that Sharknado wasn’t too off base.


Two. #HurricanePerk —

Last Friday we evacuated Charleston for my Dad’s house south of Nashville in anticipation of the effects from Hurricane Irma. I brought two Italian friends looking to escape to higher ground along with me. Also joining us unexpectedly were my girlfriend, her Italian husband, two month old baby, and their dog. They arrived exhausted having drove their faces off all the way from West Palm Beach, FL. We are a house of evacuees.

My Dad and Stepmom couldn’t be happier. Neither could I, coining the term #hurricaneperk to celebrate my good fortune. Perks include — handmade pizza, the best risotto ai funghi of my life, baby time on repeat, and uninterrupted days of hang out with dear friends and family.

Since there’s been so much devastation from Harvey and Irma I thought it would be nice to talk about something good that came out of this mess.


Three. Podcast Recco’s —

I love podcasts. A ten. I’m so looking forward to listening to some recently earmarked episodes. This one about Tracey Morgan’s near death experience from Oprah Super Soul Conversations. This episode with Tony Robbins and this one and this one with Brenè Brown I’m told are fire. Thanks Candace for the recommendations!