Three Things — Italia

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I’ve lived in Italy several times previously but I know this will be my best chapter yet. I’m more me this time around. I’m setting up The Nest just as I want it and structuring my days how they best work for me. Mimmo is at the hospital working, most of the day usually 6 days a week. It’s essential I am completely independent. In the past I haven’t been and this time, bingo! Our apartment is in the center of everything. A market outside my window every Wednesday morning, my gym is a 5 minute walk, and the cappuccino across the street is mothers milk.

But it’s not just about the apartment is it? It’s also about me, which brings me to Thing #2…


Two. Try. That’s all you gotta do. —

Try, try, and try again. My Italian is atrocious. But you know what, I am out there swinging with every conversation. I smile, I beg forgiveness, and ask for corrections. I follow my sentences up with “è giusto,” meaning “is it right?” They correct and I try again. I’m the one saying good morning! a bit too loud and nodding my head a bit too hard.

But the Italians don’t care. They smile, they nod, and they help me. Sure I get the occasional sourpuss, but meh, I just smile bigger.


Three. Know when you need help. —

I’m all about asking for help these days. At the moment I’m undertaking some bigger projects and since I am absolutely more than willing to pay someone for their knowledge and expertise, I hired a business coach. She cuts to the chase, she plans shit out, and she’s helping me focus in a way for my business that will allow everything else to fall into place. I. AM. JAZZED!