Three Things — The Learning Edition

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

I was recently asked how I learn new things. What is my go to resource? The answer is it depends on the skill. Here are a few of my go-to’s

One. This —

JFGI. Sorry if you’re offended by my using the word fuck. I use it a whole lot more in my everyday conversations than I do in my written work. But in this case, it’s necessary. My first go to for learning is normally Just Fucking Google It. When people, friends, etc ask me something I wonder why they didn’t JFGI. Sometimes for kicks I’ll do the search and then send back the link. Other times I’ll respond, “I bet I know someone that knows, Google that’s who. Go ask the interwebs.”


Two. “Coaching, Info-products, and beyond” —

I’m all about leveraging other people’s time and learning to shorten my curve. For example, I hired a book coach and an editor to get my book proposal in top notch shape. Neither of them told me what to write, but they did provide valuable feedback. They helped me talk through where I needed to expand with more detail, change up the structure, etc. Thanks to their expertise and my hard work I know I’ve done the best possible job I could have done.

I’ve also bought “info-products.” For example, how to use Pinterest for my business. It’s not a social platform, it’s a search engine and uber-valuable for business. Totally worth the money to watch the videos and fill out the worksheets someone else put together.


Three. Classes and YouTube. —

Dear YouTube I love you. From fixing my iPhone to learning how to unclog a drain the natural way. All the information is waiting for us to consume. But sometimes we need some one-on-one help. Hence my next tip:

I know people who are PC people for life. I get it. The allegiance we feel to products and names is personal. Good on you. I am the same, only with Apple. Their customer care and willingness to dispense information for free is unparalleled. They can show you have to use your iPad or even how to organize your photos. But my newest and greatest find: Studio Hours: All Project classes at Apple. Any project you’re working on, bring it in and they will help you with their software. I am new to iMovie and I have a small video project I’m working on. I went in yesterday and got dedicated, useful, and kickass help. Just because. What?!? Love them.