Three Things — Let’s Close It Out With Style

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

The week between Christmas and New Year. Everyone suspended in time and disoriented by full stomachs with the holiday schedule interrupting business as usual. I love this week. An opportunity to plan for 2018 and wake up January 1st with much of the heavy lifting done.

This week while you’re aimlessly wandering around feeling a bit out of sorts why not take the time to clean out some clutter? Physically and emotionally, both would be of benefit. Clean out the drawer in the kitchen that plagues you. Put your old laptop up for sale or donate it. One year on January 1st, I went to a Korean Spa and had all my cares exfoliated away. I emerged back into the day ruddy pink with tight skin ready to step into whatever awaited me in the following 12 months.

I like the idea of clearing clutter this week because it builds on itself. The momentum of doing something you’ve maybe put off or ignored, suddenly can become rocket fuel for the next thing. A bigger something that needs to be done. I love the propulsion of it all.


Two. “Let’s Move Continents.” —

At this point, it’s become familiar. It doesn’t make it easier with a to-do list out the door, but at least I know what to do. I know where to list my car for sale and how to decide what to jam in my checked suitcase. I know that my Vitamix will be just fine and waiting for my return. I know to change over all my plug adapters, swap my quarters for euros, and to make sure all my statements are electronic.

I also know I will see friends again and there’s no need to jam in good-bye dinners, lunches, and hangouts at all costs to everyone’s sanity. It’s all ok.


Three. Let’s Leave The Resolutions Behind. —

I’m meh on resolutions. Instead of a list of things I want to do better, or more or less of, I’d rather pour it all into perspective. Consider situations, people, and opportunities from many perspectives. Rather than one. I’m pretty decent at this already. But this year I want to take it next level.

Perspective of an old hurt. Example — What is the hurt I perceive? What do others involved think about it, tell themselves or their friends? Does their viewpoint have merit? What can I learn from this about myself? What would I do differently next time?

Perspective for an upcoming opportunity. Example — It sounds good at first, but what will it mean long term? How will I perceive it a year from now? What will the project cost me? Meaning, what does saying yes to this mean for other opportunities I may be passing on?

Perspective on myself. Now this one I am NOT fab with. But getting better. Being able to view myself as a third party. To remove personal feelings and instead learn as much as I can about my limiting beliefs, thoughts, shortcomings, and where I excel.

2018 Goals. Know Thyself. And you?