Three Things — May Just As Well.

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. May Just As Well —

You’re never going to
Get to any final place.
And so.
We want to remind
You to relax
And start having fun along
the way.

— Abraham Hicks

A friend who knows I love AH dearly sent this to me this morning. And I read it twice within a span of 5 minutes. Both times I let out a big breath I didn’t know I was holding, my shoulders fell down my back, unknotting. We may just as well have all the fun we can, don’t you think?


Two. Dream it. Make it. Sell it. —

What’s the most magnificent thing you can dream up? Take that, and then figure out how to sell it to someone. Done. You’re hired. And now you’re doing exactly what you want.

See how easy that is?

So often we overcomplicate and overworry and overthink everything, but in reality our entire world is just one big marketplace of people selling things to other people, and whatever it is that you love? You can also sell. And when you can sell?

You can create whatever job you want.

It’s not about getting hired anymore. It’s about having enough guts to hire yourself.

The future belongs to those who create.

— Ash Ambirdge

That idea you think will never work? It will. Hire Yourself. Every time.


Three. Tales From the Writing Desk. —

I’ve been putting in four hours a day on my book. [read: dining room table]. Two days ago I typed through a revelation. A connection made about myself I didn’t know until they came out of my fingers.

Yesterday I typed through tears and then ten minutes later through laughter of a remembered memory.

I’m pouring myself out over here. And I avoided it for years. The whole thing, I wasn’t ready, not really. I just wasn’t. And now here I am.

Do you have anything that’s ready to come out?