Three Things – The Ocean Floor Awaits

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This Conversation with a Coaching Client Yesterday —

Repeated here with permission

Her – Robyn, is life this challenging for all folks?!

Me – Here’s my take. We all have lessons. There are multiple ways to learn them. At the end of the day how much grief we give ourselves while learning them is up to us. You’re giving yourself grief. We all do it at times in our lives. It’s our job to try and be the best version of ourselves. That’s it.

Her – Wooo. OK. Great reminder.


Two. “The Bottom of the Ocean” —

Figuratively speaking of course.

We all have been down there, and we will all be there again.

If you feel underwater and you’re in overwhelm, I like to remind myself that things happening at 600ft down feel the shittiest, but are also the foundation of rising to become the Captain of your own ship.

— Deep Thoughts by Robyn Woodman


Three. Experience —

We experience people how we experience ourselves.

Janne Robinson

If someone is critical/mad/suspicious with us, they are double the amount with themselves. There must be a much worse storm raging inside, behind the face they show. They’re trapped, but we’re the lucky ones because we can walk away.