Three Things — Resistance, it’s a Thing.

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

“It’s not as though I have the absence of fear, I feel it quite strongly. But there are just times when something is important enough, you believe in it enough, that you do it in spite of fear.”

— Elon Musk
When Elon tells you that even he has fear, you know it’s a thing with everyone. It’s the tenacity to push through that makes the difference. For me it’s remembering the “why.” Why am I doing this? What does it mean to me, and constantly envisioning the finished product in my hand and the feeling of pride over a job well done. Of sweet accomplishment.


Two. “Resistance.”

I’m in the thick of writing my book. Which has been a project on my list for actual years and it’s scary. As in real. The resistance to write is strong. Even though writing this book feeds every part of me, I have to force myself in the chair. And then force myself to focus and not screw around until I finally get in my flow. Turns out, this is normal.

Ask Steven Phillips, he wrote the The War of Art and he’s a certifiable genius. If you’re experiencing the same in trying to bust through to a goal, consider his book, it could help. At the very least — perspective.


Three. Rituals and their significance —

I’m big on creative rituals lately. Where to write, what I do beforehand, my mindset. It all factors in to making forward progress on the page. These 5 creative geniuses discuss their personal rituals. From the simple act of hailing a cab, to sequestering oneself in a barren hotel room, I enjoy hearing about the variety of creation.

While I’m focusing on creative rituals at the moment (because: book), they can factor in to anything we’re accomplishing in life.

Maybe it’s going to the gym, and you pack your bag and take it to work so you go directly after. Or maybe it’s alone time reading and thinking over a cup of coffee in the morning before you sit at your computer.

It’s our rituals that make up the narrative of our lives.