Three Things — Small Moments of Self-Care

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. Self-Care in Small Moments —

I rolled over and looked at my phone Monday morning. The New York Times notifications were stacked up about Vegas. Written in simple black and white block letters, they felt like a red, loud scream in my ears. I pushed down the sick + anxious feeling, reading a couple of articles but purposefully passed over the videos. Never the videos.

Then I did several things that didn’t have to do with death, or politics, or guns. Because I know that I need to first take care of myself before I can send my love out into the wider space:

I checked in a sick friend, she’s doing ok, thank you for asking.

I wished another friend happy birthday.

I pulled out my favorite hoodie where it’s been sequestered in the bottom drawer for months now. Turquoise with bedazzled unicorns, I adore this tacky item of clothing.

I rode my bike and rather than thinking of my to do list the whole time, I leaned my head back and felt the wind on my face.

I stopped and looked at the tree right outside my building. Watching the branches wave back and forth in the wind, I let me eyes glaze over and become unfocused. It was my favorite ten minutes of the day. Until Mimmo got home. Then that became my favorite part of my day.

I made some pumpkin soup with no recipe. Part of my #forcingfall campaign, it was delicious.

I listened to two new Dirty John episodes while I stood in the kitchen chopping and stirring.

And you? How do you self-care?


Two. “People.” —

I work for myself and don’t go into a traditional office. Recently I’ve been working around people more often. It’s been nice. I like seeing others, even if it’s while peering above my screen. Especially in the morning.

I’ve also been attending events with like-minded others. Not for networking. Not really, but for the group dynamic. Again, I like it. It’s the in person connection I’ve been craving. I think we all may be feeling this in some form. Especially given current events. To offer a smile, take one in or hold the door for someone. It’s nice to be reminded


Three. Opinions. —

I’ve just sent the second round of edits on my book proposal back for a final polishing before sending it off to find an agent. I’ve worked hard this summer on this document. Right now I’m pretty much been writing and telling the story in a bubble, save for beta readers. But I know when this book sees the light of day, everyone will have and form their own opinions.

I get it. I have opinions, why shouldn’t everyone else? While I’m not yet ready, I’m getting closer. And I damn well will be by the time it’s a living book; available to pick up and page through. This readying of myself feels like the ultimate set of lessons to this chapter of my life.

I know I’m not alone in this. What about you? When you stepped into the ring and took a big swing, how did it impact you?