Photo by Kenny Abella on Unsplash

Three Things — Take One + Then Another

Three Things, my Wednesday post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

I follow a feel good account on Instagram called, lovewhatmatters. My eyes fill up with tears on average once a week with their heart warming posts. Thought I would pass that on. PSA-style.


Two. Rome for the Weekend? —

It’s always a good idea. Also I’m eternally grateful the eternal city can be had on a weekend whim.


Three. Send the email, make the call. Take the chance. —

I used to not take the chance. I would cut myself off with, “If they wanted to help me/be in contact/work together they would have contacted me.” Do you know what I’ve learned?

  1. THIS IS A LOAD OF SHIT. Period.
  2. What an egotistical thought!

People are busy and wrapped up in their own stuff. They often have no clue you’re standing over there waiting for something. Plus, it’s downright selfish. Give people the chance! Good Grief! They probably have no clue you need a ride from the airport, or are open for a collaboration, etc. I know mine didn’t.

Try this: Next time you’re in the middle of talking yourself out of the action, notice it. Just notice it. And then ignore the voice and the crap and the diminishment. And then do the damn thing. Send it, make it, take it. Take a baby step first, if that’s better. But take one. And then take another.