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Photo by Luiz Hanfilaque on Unsplash

Three Things — Thanks for the Mistake

Three Things, my post series, inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information.

One. This —

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help. The asking brings out the vulnerability, the feels, and all the things. I have gotten much better about this in the last couple of years, and I’m actively working on it. But this little girl is a master at it already. Total MVP status right here.


Two. Take the Lesson and Apply. 

I’m all about learning from others mistakes and successes. An e-course, podcast, or taking a nugget away from the retelling of someone else’s story. Why just rely on my own experiences when I can tuck away some juicy life bits gleaned from another’s experience? This is why I just bought Tim Ferriss’s latest book: Tribe of Mentors. This book is a compilation of tools, tactics, and habits from 130+ of the world’s top performers. Perfect. While this book was on my list to read, this episode of the Art of Doing covered a few key take away messages and prompted me to move the book to the top of the list!


Three. Done is Better than Perfect. —

Super easy for me to say to you and me, extremely hard to execute. Not only because we want the book, the project, the podcast, the email, etc to flow out seamlessly, but because it allows us to not have to take the scary step of pushing the send button. Because if we keep telling ourselves it’s not done, then we don’t have to step into risk.

But then on the flip side we don’t get to bask in the glory of done. And we don’t get the learning, and mistakes so we improve. I’m going for learning and mistakes now. I’m ready to shrug and say, “It’s ok. I learned something and next time I’ll do ____ better.” And to let the sting of not quite right go. Let it goooooo…Let it gooooooo All Frozen style.