Three Things

This is the inaugural post for a new series, I call Three Things, which will appear every Wednesday. Inspired by my love for bite-sized, tiny but mighty pieces of information — they will vary from light-hearted fun things, to more insightful ones. From links to just a couple of sentences. A curation of goodness. Take what you wish and leave the rest.

One. This —

Too many side projects going on? If you’re feeling scattered and everything is in a state of half done-ness consider focusing on one. Just one project. Block the time you have and work toward the one, most pressing goal. Chunk it down into bites and eat away at it. Need help focusing? Try this. I explain it here.


Two. “Getting Ready to Be Ready” —

Rather than declaring something that feels like you’re lying to yourself, back up your thinking and get ready to be ready.

For instance, if telling yourself “I’m going to make $10k this month,” is too much, no problem. Back it up to more general terms. Perhaps doing what’s in front of you to get to the point of $10k this month feels more at home in your bones. You’re getting ready to be ready for the $10k.

Listen to Abraham’s example, it’s all laid out.


Three. We have funerals everyday —

“Every aspect of life is just a substitute for what’s to come next. That who you are is a mere temporary tattoo, because who you are becoming is constantly erasing and re-writing what’s done. Nothing is ever “done,” in fact. Done is an illusion.

It is at once both thrilling and wretched, this process of evolution. You must lose yourself to find yourself, over and over again. Forward motion is inevitable—that much is certain. Whether or not it’s progress, that’s a different question.

Change is not always growth, but growth will always require change.

Funerals happen every day when you’re expanding.”

— Ash Ambirge