Upcoming Plans + Book Update

The weekend before Thanksgiving and I know it’s been said time and again, but I’m legitimately surprised by the calendar. Of how it sped past. The days slip by like attempting to hold water in my hand. There one moment and magically gone the next.

I have family in town this weekend. We show them our favorite breakfast spots and they head out during the day to see the sites and leave me to pounding away on the keyboard. We rendezvous for before dinner drinks. The best of both worlds.

We’re short timers in the States now with less than two months to go and I’m pumped for the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with my family back home. On the list for Christmas is a nice little trip down to Savannah, GA. Only two hours away from Charleston I can’t wait to check it out. I have a working list of places I want to go while we’re there. If you have some favorites please do send them my way!

And last but not least I have a book update in the form of two rejection letters. This is common and I’m grateful for their feedback. In essence their notes read: Robyn, thank you for the opportunity to read your proposal, I’m going to pass, and I know you’re going to find a champion for your project. Someone to love it and take it on.

Me too, literary agents. I know this too. I knew going into this, that it can be a long process. The finding of ones champion. So settle in with me for the long haul, dear readers. I have a seat waiting for you.

That’s all I have on this end. Thank you for sharing this space with me and hit reply if you have any comments. I do love to hear from you all.


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your weekend reading. 

I love then and now photos. Not of people necessarily, but of places. This round up is gold. Lots of pics from the 1880’s and present from around the world. From Norway to Dresden and awesome Parisian shots!

A podcast round up from someone other than me. I agree, S-Town is a must, and there’s some staples on here as well. Decent list.

Are you looking for something interesting for some mindless entertainment? No problem. 16 of the weirdest small towns in the U.S.

Weekend Journals put out a guide book to Provence. Not only chock full of THE spots to go, but it’s also gorgeous. My copy arrived this morning.

Godless on Netflix drops on November 22nd. Have you seen the trailer? LOVE. Women-focused western. Seven episodes. I’m there.

Ciao for Now!