A Wet Weekend — Dreaming of Franciacorta

I face planted into bed last night at 9. I had every intention of cracking open my lap top again to cross a few more things off my list but my better judgement put a full stop to that ridiculousness. Meh, it was right.

Remember in school when upcoming finals schedule was announced and you realized you had a 20 page paper, an essay exam, and a group project due all in the same day? You calculated the amount of hours until then and decided if you only slept for 10 minutes while dreaming of vocab words, you’d perhaps survive? I felt like that a couple of days ago. And then I remembered I have choices. So I calmed the hell down and started rescheduling things because no one wants to relive THAT feeling.

It’s rainy here with a side of rain, so I’m mostly inside working, or running between the gym or my favorite, new (to the neighborhood) coffee shop Sucré Salé watching the rain while savoring every last drop of my delicious cappuccino.

Update: I’ve just returned from the gym with news to report. Don’t you know Pump class is on Friday’s? Today marks the day I have crossed over into Italian acceptance. The ladies who workout together each weekday at 9:30 have asked me to join their group chat. The holy grail of Italian bonding. I jest, but it’s nice to be included, isn’t it?


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your weekend reading. 

How to break up with your phone. I’m all about #1.

I’m working on a talk I’m giving next month about Emotional Intelligence and specifically empathy. While researching, I came across this case for Self-Awareness making for a more effective leader, than an MBA. Interesting. Also, loved it. P.S. I would take both. The MBA is total goals.

After a Castle gig in May in Northern Italy, I’m thinking of heading over to Franciacorta region, just an hour or so outside of Milan. Condé Nast had me at, “Rent a bike and pedal around the car-free island, stopping at Spacci Aziendali for locally made salame di montisola, cheese, and sardines…” Twist my arm why don’t you?

Ciao for Now!