Weekend Vibes.

You know how to be awesome today? I’ll tell you.

You breathe in and out. That’s it. I’m so not about all the layers of BS we heap on ourselves, one another, our cats, and whatever else you have walking around your house.

Yesterday I woke up and didn’t feel all that well. Scratchy throat, headache, blah. I wasn’t at full capacity, but I was still awesome.

This weekend I’m choosing a new suitcase, deciding on Birthday plans, and a myriad of other things. Most likely cooking a big pot of soup. Last week I made a huge pot of this and watched Talladega Nights while doing so. I laughed the whole time. My humor is characterized by a love of witty banter (not this movie) and random slaps (100% this movie). I was in heaven.

What’s one of your favorite things to do on the weekend? Talladega Nights anyone?


Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your reading. 

I’ve had a few friends ask me about finances and how I keep track of things. For savings goals I love to use this little gem. You can have up 25 smaller savings accounts named things like: “Vacation 2018” or “New Shoes” or “Emergency Fund.” I pull direct from my checking account and they distribute how I have set it up. Also, and the best part is, the savings account are hooked up to a free debit account. Free international transactions. Download the app and you can real time transfer cash and then pull it out of the ATM. Highly recommended for life AND travel.

I’ve had to schedule a bunch of short 30 minute Skype calls recently and this little app is the best. No back and forth, highly customizable.

The killer of relationships. This nails it on the head and I have for sure made these mistakes in previous relationships. Now, I’m conscious of this all the time. With friendships as well.

How many labels do you wear and which ones aren’t helping? I watched this and got shivers. My eyes filled with tears. I said “Yes! Yes!” And I wanted to send it to all my friends, so I am. Here.

Ciao for Now!