Taken last Sunday when it was so dang sunny out in the center of Pescara where Mimmo and I live. Behind me is the church where his grandparents were married. I love the continuity of things like this. When I’m back in the States visiting my own hometown, I often think of my own grandparents when we pass the church they were married in as well.

On my feet and in my hand are two of my favorite staples in my wardrobe. Ballet flats and a supple leather clutch by Marta Ray. Handmade in Rome and available in a variety of stunning colors, these little turquoise gems are MY JAM!

Weekly Round-Up —Stepping Out

This has been a week of sharing, or what I like to call stepping out. I’m the Mentor of the Month for the Hatch Tribe, a women’s entrepreneurial group, talking all about fear and how to move through it. We put together a bunch of content for the members in the form of video’s (which I love), a podcast episode, (also loved) and I did an interview for my profile found here.

The best part of the interview was when she asked me about my definition of success. The answer fell onto keyboard with lightening speed. Highly subjective for us all, and of course my personal relationships are my first priority. But when it comes to living my life, this was a no brainer answer for me.

What have I learned from all of this? I pretty much heart producing things to share with you. Whether it’s travel, talking about living your days how you want (and deserve to), or making moves to support how you want to live your next chapter, I’m pretty down with all of it.

It’s been a week full of lots of good stuff, a couple random nightmares (who has a dream that a shark comes out of your bedroom wall while sleeping? ME that’s who), and the idea for my new book club!!! Yay! Stay frickin’ tuned for more details on that one.

In the meantime, here’s some happenings from my last week.

PS. Did you see this video of Andre Ingram? Called up to the L.A. Lakers after spending 10 years in the minor leagues, in his debut game this past week he DELIVERED and then some. 19 points in his first game. This isn’t a sports story, this is a story about perseverance and all the feelings, tears, doubt, and in the end, the triumph.

The /Tra-bocco/ Along the Trabocchi Coast

Trabocco in Abruzzo, Italy

Last weekend we drove down the Adriatic Coast to have lunch at a Trabocco. What used to be traditional fishing shacks along the coast are now cool, rustic spots to have a leisurely weekend lunch. There are many, but I assure you that the best one is Trabocco Punta Isolata. The food is exceptional (even the Italians think so which is totally noteworthy) and the atmosphere easy, breezy cool. To note: It’s so fresh, what was swimming around in the morning, is on your plate by lunch time. Whoa.

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