What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

It looks like Charleston isn’t the only place with hot temperatures this weekend. Rome is well over a 100 degrees as is Seattle and Portland, eeeeeek. But, since I’m planning on staying in to write my face off anyway, I don’t care. With September rapidly approaching, my timeline to push this book proposal out is drawing nigh my friends. Nigh.

I’m in total crunch time. And I’m not sad about it. I’m in the heat of the moment, ready to make it all happen.

What about you? Do you have some fun outside plans this weekend or are you crunching along inside on something as well?


What about you guys, what are you up to? In case you want some internet goodies, I’ve gathered the latest from around the web for your weekend reading. 

This little bottle of goodness made with fewer, better ingredients, was delivered today. A multipurpose oil for every bit of your body, the reviews online are stellar and I can’t wait to try it out. Update: used it last night before bed and my face feels hydrated, clean, but not greasy. Total win.

I’ve also heard ridiculously stellar things about this product as well. The word glowing was used in the literal sense. I could for sure put some extra radiance to work.

If you have trouble answering questions about yourself, such as what are you good at or what are you proud of? This can help.

Dabbling in learning a new language, but need some structure? This platform is a life saver. You can also schedule casual 30-minute conversations with native speakers.

Eleven types of gorgeous photos, all mind blowing.

The lead up to fall inspires me to take a class. I’ve been browsing all the fab offerings here.

Ciao for Now!