What Are Your Weekend Plans?


I love Friday in the late afternoon. Even though there’s not much difference in my schedule throughout the week, Friday just has a more relaxed feeling in general. I think it’s the collective sigh of everyone I encounter. Smiles come easier, shoulders relax down backs, and there’s an easy breezy feeling in the air.

They’re also the perfect reason to practice my charcuterie skills. Forget a signature dish, I’m going for all charcuterie, all the time. I didn’t know the fancy name back then, but as a kid I ate like this as well. It was a little more midwesty, kid friendly then. A pile of Ritz crackers, some bright yellow cheddar, some tomato slices, and a some salami. Don’t forget the pickles. Each bite had a taste of each. Yum.

After we nosh and empty the board we’re going to a play a friend invited us to, The Wedding Singer. Bring on the 80’s! So close we can walk there, I’m excited about the whole thing. Also because Mimmo will be home early. Yayyy Friday!

I’ve been dying for weeks to see The Glass Castle. It comes out today and I’m ABSOLUTELY going this weekend. Have you heard of this book by Jeannette Walls? I’ve read it countless times and will probably do so again before this year is done.

The movie looks well casted with Naomi Watts, Woody Harrelson (great guy to play, Rex), and Brie Larson. Recommendations of the highest order.


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your weekend reading. 

A love story, 35 years later. Their vows began, “I offer you not the summer of my life but the autumn, brisk and vibrant.” Swoon. I love all references of autumn.

Speaking of, these booties have just arrived at my door and they’re begging for a walk amongst brightly colored maple leaves. Now I just have to find some. Heaps of them.

Love these side-by-side portraits of people over 100 and their younger selves.

Time well spent trying to understand what all the writing on your egg package actually means.

Unnecessary or genius? I can’t decide.

Ciao for Now!