What’s Going On This Weekend?

Each Friday in my newsletter (you can get it delivered to your inbox here) I talk about what’s going on for the weekend and do a round-up of links, little bits, and things on my radar. Rather than limit those deep thoughts to my newsletter audience I decided to share it here in the form of a weekly post. Each Friday.

It’s been rainy as all get out here this week and this weekend the suns out ya’ll! Tonight we’re going to see Wonder Woman which I’m preeeeeetty excited for. What’s not to love: a female director, growing up watching Lynda Carter on TV in the original, and I most absolutely, definitely used to fly around the house in my Wonder Woman Underoos. Hearts exploding for those scraps of clothing, even as a grown woman.

Other than that I’ll be writing and hanging out. Maybe baking. I’m thinking something along the lines of these, but I’ll sub the agave. Not really a fan.


What about you guys, what are you doing? If you want some bits of reading, I’ve gathered a few links from around the Interwebs. 

Tiny houses are usually little cottagy dealio’s, but this little bit of modern is WAY more my speed. You?

Today only, Anthropologie is having a perks sale, 20% off. I’m picking this one up at the store. Let’s see how it goes.

I bought several of these slightly off the shoulder, grey sweatshirt coziness and gifted them to friends of mine last month. They serve as a tangible piece of remembrance for our dear friend Jennah. A friend of mine wrote about all of it on HuffPost, in case you missed the article, you can read about it here.

Bill Murray, the most beloved of the beloved, is going on tour!

A newsletter I subscribe to and love and a blog I read almost daily and have for years.

If you’re heading to the Amalfi Coast this summer, here’s the scoop on a gem you’ll want to experience. For private, custom behind the scenes tours, I recommend you contact these guys. No one does it better.

Ciao for Now!