What’s Up This Weekend?

A week ago I said no way Irma, I’m not dealing with you, and drove to Nashville to wait her out. The ride was 4 hours longer than usual with Floridians high-tailing it out of her way as well. I spent days enjoying the crisp air, eating dinner’s prepared by three Italians, and trying to still get some deliverables out the door.

The return to Charleston was smooth and the visible effects of Irma, few. A tree limb down here and there, mud on the sides of the road and the pungent odor downtown. It’s a mix between garbage and wet dog. Fantastic! But we’re really lucky of course. As soon as Comcast gets their act together, all will be back to normal.

I’ll be working this weekend, writing and catching up. It’s hot here and sticky. But I’m dreaming of sunny crisp days, apple picking, and pulling on my new fall boots. Maybe next month.


What about you guys, I want to know what you’re up to. Whatever it is, if you need some weekend reading, I’ve gathered the latest musings from around the web.

“None of us wake up and think today is the day I destroy my life. What we do is we kinda check out because it feels overwhelming, or we’re afraid, or because of self-doubt. All day long. The decision to hit snooze. To not eat the right thing. To not go to the gym. To not look for a job.”  This is Mel Robbins and this interview is GOLD. How many things did you identify with in her quote?

What’s your definition of a friend? Here are 5 read worthy takes.

New on my reading list this fall. Have you read Brené Brown’s other books? Rising Strong is my favorite of hers.

Make your bed. Because it’s not about the bed.

Ciao for Now!