You Don’t Need a Reason. YOU Are the Reason.

It’s written in my playbook of life as one of the most courageous acts — making changes when the life you’re living has no glaring issues. When a situation is labeled as dire the need to make changes feels more definite. More urgent. Consider this: If you’re working for a bully and getting anxiety attacks 24/7 clearly something needs to happen. But what about a less cut and dry situation?

What if you’re in good health coasting along in a relationship and job with no major problems? What if you just know that this is not the life you want? Well, that’s when you muster your guts, friends. That’s when it takes some serious moxie to stand up and say, “Nope. This isn’t what I wanted for my life.” Courage. Badassery. And for those of you ready to make bold life moves I have untold amounts of respect for you. And me. Because that was me. So I’m with you.

We don’t have the luxury of pointing to a broken situation and saying, “See? I had to make this change because of X.” It becomes more nebulous and more about doing something for ourselves and holy cats doing things for ourselves can be H-A-R-D. Plain and simple.

We’ve been conditioned to justify to ourselves (and others) that a change needs to be made. We’ve been told for years to be quiet and to go with the flow. To suck it up —I loathe this sentiment. The need to justify is deep and entrenched with years of societal and familial pressure all rolled into one big messy ball.

If you’re on the edge and you want to leap you’re likely having this back and forth justify-like conversation with yourself and depending on how far along the path you are, with others. Maybe a few friends, or maybe some family members who might “get it.”

Go ahead and have these conversations if that’s what feels natural, but I want you to be aware of this: From the standpoint of someone who has crossed this bridge already: You don’t have to justify anything to Jack or Jill. You are living this life. And you get to decide. Period. You’re not happy? That’s all you need to know.

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