Photo by Mei Ratz

You’re the Only One Holding Yourself Back

Excuses are easy and complaining is second nature. But when we really cut the BS, we are the only thing standing in our way.

Want to travel? Find a way. Hate your job? I know the feeling, get out of there. NOW. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and get fired, being forced from your safety net will allow the possibilities to pour in.

I too am guilty of the self-imposed hold back. Limiting beliefs and reasons why something wouldn’t work were part of my inner dialogue. Now when I find myself holding back I am quick to identify and move around it. Not past, but around with solutions and possibilities.

What if we allowed the fabulous what if and don’t know twins to take up residence in our thoughts permanently? What would happen?

Adventure. That’s what. Let it in. Go on and try.