Hi, there.

Currently based in Seattle, I’ve been reacquainting myself with this city I left over a decade ago. If I’m not out and about I’m either innovating or creating at Stanford. Which sounds like a line from a resume, I agree. But that’s what I do there, I work with Stanford faculty and create innovative educational programs.

I’m always been curious about our individual stories we’re quietly carrying around and recently co-created Women Rise—The Journey Up. This monthly event series invites women to share stories of their journey up. About how they overcame obstacles they encountered, where they found their strength and inspiration, and who helped them along the way. Sharing the story behind the story created electricity and instant community—it’s one of my favorite projects I’ve developed.

Treasuring all things Italian. Making handmade pasta, practicing dolce far niente, visiting my husband’s family in Abruzzo, and gallivanting around Rome with friends.  I excel at a gallivant.

I spend time doing several things that would likely land me in the basic category—listening to podcasts, drinking afternoon iced coffees, and reading thrillers and historical fiction.

Thanks for being here.