Hi! A little about me.

Currently based in the Bay Area, I’m a creative working away on my first book. This whole writing lots of words down is not for the faint of heart. Especially when it’s a look back on those years you sincerely did the best you could but it was definitely before “when we know better, we do better.” You know what I mean.

If I’m not in front of my laptop working toward my word count then you can find me at Stanford. Where I’m either innovating or creating. Which sounds like a line from a resume, I agree. But that’s what I do there, I manage a couple of executive education programs all about innovation and creating.

I’m also very into all things Italian. Making handmade pasta, sipping the requisite spritz, to visiting my husband’s family in Abruzzo, and gallivanting around Rome with my friends.  I do love a good gallivant.

I drink far too much iced coffee—how basic of me. And I’m usually listening to a podcast. Unless I’m writing. And then I’m just sweating it out on the page.

Thanks for being here.