What’s On Deck For Your Weekend?

Mimmo’s freshly back from two weeks in Italy and came loaded with a suitcase full of goodness. Liters of olive oil from the Motherland is never a bad thing. Mmmmmm…

There’s not much going on this weekend, which I like.  I’m planning on putting in some serious hours at the writing desk (of course). And tonight we’re going to see Dunkirk at IMAX. It should be interesting.

Donuts on Saturday morning are in order and then next week we’ll be driving over to the Smokey Mountains for a few nights. A first time for me and I hear there’s a train ride with lunch onboard in my future as well. Exciting!


What about you guys, what are you up to? I’ve gathered the latest musing from around the web for your weekend reading. 

Massimo Bottura is my second boyfriend, after the glorious Mimmo of course. 🙂 A genius chef and philanthropist, the combination works on so many levels. This documentary follows him as he opens a soup kitchen to cook gourmet meals for the needy from food waste at the 2015 Milan Expo. SWOON.

This article on the gender balance of the NYT Best Seller List. Spoiler alert — the men far outweigh the women. I’m writing mine over here, working to right the scale a bit.

Emoji database. Type in what you’re looking for and it delivers. #tacosallday

Marriage. If you’re not, or you are, or if you will. Society dictates it still as the norm, and people ask singles all the time. What about if we focused on milestones other than marriage. Or kids for that matter. Here’s a list of 40. I’m shy a couple, but they’re in my sites.

Ciao for Now!